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The 8 Benefits of a Good Filing System


It sounds like a boring subject but it’s actually an important one. Filing is a fundamental, but often overlooked, element of records management. Effective filing systems ensure the systematic preservation of relevant information as well as their efficient retrieval. Using simple folder naming and easy structuring of files can often lead to some distinct advantages. This applies to both physical documents as well as digital. Here we discuss the Top 8 benefits:

1. Better Control

Document control and management in general are aided by effective filing systems. All the incoming and outgoing mail is checked and verified and passed to the recipient for immediate attention where required. This stands true for online storage of documentation also.

2. Efficiency

Staff at all levels can easily locate and use records properly without any undue delay when a good filing system has been implemented. This leads to many micro savings in time which collectively leads to increased efficiency in operations.

3. Protection

Put simply, an effective filing system protects documents from possible loss or damage. In physical terms this means folders for separation and adequate filing cabinet infrastructure. Digitally this means backed up storage that is adequate in size for the files in question.

4. Quick Reference

Simplistic and strategic filing arrangements assist the organization to refer to the relevant documents much faster. Clients and customers don’t relish long waits while you wade through complex folder structures to find the required information.

5. Planning

The business policy can be framed and planning of the project can be done by referring past records by the management, Hence, the documents provide a basis for future planning.

6. Compliance

Appropriate filing fulfills the obligations under the International Standards as well as legislatively. These obligations include keeping documents according for business as well as income tax, later confirmation of events etc.

7. Evidence

In the case of a dispute, effective document filing may serve as evidence before a court of law or tribunal. Timely retrieval may be vital in such circumstances.

8. Reduced stress in the workplace

Effective filing systems have a positive impact on staff at all levels. but in particular, office and administration staff. Frustration from finding information can be avoided by simple and commonly understood filing structures.

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